500 ml Organic oil mix, fine mist Pet Deterrent


Does your pet go into rooms it shouldn’t? Does your dog or cat scratch or chew the carpet, rug or furniture? Then you need our organic oil mix pet deterrent fine mist spray, formulated to keep pets away from treated areas.


Deterrent spray for pets including cats and dogs

What are pet deterrent sprays for carpets? They are simple, effective, and safe ways to prevent pets from going into certain locations, like onto your favourite Persian rug. The distinctive scent is nontoxic and deters dogs, cats, and other animals from going near it.

This long-lasting training corrector pet deterrent spray stops your pets clawing, chewing, frequenting, and soiling the places you want to keep clean. It works immediately – if you want to keep your pet out of the room or specific area, just spray the doorway or location and repeat if necessary, until your pet learns it’s not welcome!

Our carpet pet deterrent spray for cats and dogs works perfectly on most surfaces, including fabrics, rugs, and carpets, as well as curtains and furniture. It comes in a simple-to-use, easily refillable spray bottle for easy, accurate application.

Organic oil mix Pet Deterrent fine mist

Works immediately
Can be refilled.

Instructions ….

Heavily overspray the areas frequented by your pet. If you want to keep your pet out of the room, heavily spray the entrance doorway. Repeat this spraying every 3 days until your pet has realised that they are not welcome in that area! (to keep you clean whilst spraying, we supply a pair of disposable gloves free of charge) -> PET DETERRENT = NO MORE PET FOULING PROBLEMS!!



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