Specialist Stain and Colour Fusion Removal

This valuable and beautiful Ispahan carpet was flooded and consequently very heavily colour fused but after careful, multiple pre-treatments, the residual colour fusion was removed.
A red wine stain on a light background carpet, this was carefully pre-treated and finally finished by hand

Unfortunately we all accidentally spill various chemicals on our rugs – from simple food spills right up to and including domestic bleach.

Some of these stains are not removed during the normal cleaning process, so they are individually treated during our secondary post cleaning treatment.

These tough stains often heavily discolour the rug and, especially if these stains are left for many decades, burn into the fibres much like a dye.

To remove this requires a small laboratory, testing equipment, a testing regime and the follow-up tools and equipment to ensure this unsightly stain is finally removed.

Fortunately, with over 100 years of family experience, we have all the necessary requirements to remove virtually any stain including permanent ink.

We can assist with your rug cleaning, restoration and stain removal requirements wherever you are in London or across the UK. Contact us today.