Rug and Carpet Care Products

No matter how smooth your floor may be, always place some form of padding (cut 3/4 of an inch[2 cm] smaller than the rug) between the floor and your oriental rug.

This has three advantages:

  • the unprotected underside of your rug will not wear out
  • the rug will be much softer to walk on
  • it will not slip from beneath your feet as you hurry to answer the telephone

If you plan to put the rug on a hard floor, woodfloor, stone, marble etc. do not use foam rubber sheets as it tends to collect moisture that will eventually affect the floor and the rug, the damp will rot your rug.

If you plan to place your rug on top of fitted carpet, be it low-pile or shag carpeting a nonslip underpad will prevent the rug from buckling and consequent damages that may occur.

If your rug/carpet is properly padded, even heavy wooden furniture should not damage it, so long as the base of the furniture is not sharp and no friction occurs.