Moth Shield 100ml organic oil non-powered vapouriser (odourless) – For carpets and clothes


1 x Pack of 4 for £58.32 (instead of £116.64). price includes delivery and vat

Or £29.16 each including delivery and VAT

Place and forget your moth problem for at least 10 weeks after which refills are available

The Moth Shield non-powered vapouriser is designed for the continuous delivery of our unique Moth Shield liquor into the local atmosphere thus deterring and destroying any moth for 10 weeks plus

Moth Shield organic oil liquid mix consumption -> 1ml/24 hours (approximately)



How many vaporisers do I need in a moth infested room approximately 18′ x 12′?
– 4 x Moth Shield 100ml vaporisers placed under furniture, behind curtains, in fact anywhere where the moth can hide undisturbed – is sufficient for the job
– However, if there is a heavy moth presence in the room, it is advisable to use 6 x Moth Shield 100 mL vaporisers placed under furniture, near areas where the moth have been active, behind curtains etc.

How long do the vaporisers last? – 90 days from each refill but do remember to follow the guidelines viz:-
1 – Place the vaporiser where you would like it to sit and do its job for the 90 day period
2 – Fill the vaporiser slowly and to the brim which will leave a small amount of Moth Shield liquor in your container which you can add after a couple of weeks