Fine Rugs and Carpets – Special Stain Remover

Fine Rugs and Carpets – Special Stain Remover

First and foremost ….

Persian rugs and carpets made throughout the area now known as Iran also covers rugs made in the Caucasus, and Southeast Russia.
Each rug is individually hand made based on a millennia of experience with dyeing, wool type/mix, construction and finish – all part of the manufacturing focus and process.

Modern flooring, even fitted carpet, putting immense strain on the durability of the structure and pile let alone the impact of sunlight and spillages.
Persian rugs and carpets if installed near a window should be placed with the smooth run of the pile coming away from the window in the summer so the light bounces off the pile tip. In winter, turning through 180° will minimise the wear and tear.

Protective installation:
Wherever the rug is installed, it should be placed on a nonslip cushioning mat (such as our Oriental underpad on a hard floor, a nonslip mat (such as our Rugrip Super on fitted carpet.

Protective Maintenance:
Regularly vacuum using an air draught system WITHOUT A POWERED BRUSH (a handmade rug is not a completely flat piece of wood, it does have little hills and valleys throughout. These are highly prone to damage if attacked with a powered brush vacuum. Unfortunately, more so the fringes and edges).

THERE WILL BE SPILLAGES so always have a good, non-bleaching/non-corrosive stain remover kit to hand (such as our stain remover wipes

Contact your trusted specialist for advice. Treating the problem without advice could cost you thousands.