Oriental Rug Cleaning in London, UK

Silk Chinese
Photographed after treatment, just before delivery
Silk Chinese – photographed at workshop receipt.
Very heavily soiled and stained.

We provide a professional Oriental (Chinese, Nepalese, Indo-Persian), Kelims (kilims), flatweave and North African rug cleaning service to clients throughout the UK. Our century of experience will help bring your old, dusty or stained Oriental rug back to life.

After all the pre-cleansing treatments have been successfully concluded, your rug is mounted on our cleansing frame vertically and the purified cold water, at approximately 4 to 5 gallons per minute, is flushed through the rug from back and front to THOROUGHLY flush out the deep-seated dirt.

The secondary rinsing treatment is applied after cleansing to remove any residual materials stuck in the fibres, re-dress the fibres and deeply impregnate our Moth Shield.

Please feel free to contact us on 020 7226 0144 and we will be happy to discuss your Oriental rug cleaning requirements in detail and provide you with a quote. Our company serves London and the whole of the UK. Alternatively, please fill in the contact form below: