Professional Rug Dusting, Cleaning & Stain Removal Services especially for Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Chinese and other fine or designer rugs

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We are experienced technicians of over 100 years standing in the UK focusing on valuable and rare Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and handwoven rugs, ensuring that the utmost, experienced care is taken with your rugs. Due to the complexities of the fibres and the dirt affecting them, all rugs require individual, special, skilled and tested treatments to restore your lovely rug to its original warm, deep glow.

Thorough but careful rug dusting and cleansing

Handwoven Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian, fine carpets take a lot of punishment before they complain.

These photographs show the carpets in their received condition. Only thorough dusting, which removes large amounts of compacted dirt, pre-treatment of the heavily stained areas to release and/or remove difficult staining followed by thorough cleansing in purified cold water rushing through at a rate of between 4 and 5 gallons a minute and finally controlled drying in a low-temperature environment – can produce results like these.

No detergent, no bleaching agents, no corrosives – just pure, technical, thorough cleansing.

Professional Rug Restoration, Repairs & Re-fringing

Example: Tapestry repair

Because the antique Tapestry above was so delicate and badly wall mounted (nailed into the wooden frame causing metal corrosion damage to the Tapestry edges), removing and transporting the Tapestry would have extensively multiplied the existing damage, we therefore decided to try and strengthen, as well as repair, the damage where it stood.

Within our gallery you can find some other examples of rug and tapestry repair and refringing.

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Colour fusion removal

Example: A fine part silk Persian Ispahan during treatment for the removal of extensive colour fusion caused by flooding.

After specialised chemical pretreatments, thorough, focused dusting and cleansing, – the carpet was treated with special finishing techniques and procedures to remove the heavily fused dyes.

Originally considered completely destroyed by the flooding and a replacement cost for the insurance company of £6,500 – the carpet was restored almost to pristine condition for just under £1100.

We also impregnate flame retardant into your tapestries, carpets and rugs.

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