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Moth Protection this winter

Moth Problems

Just because the temperature is dropping doesn’t mean the moth suddenly disappear; in fact although they are less visibly active, because the external and internal environments are very much warmer than they were 20 years ago, moth continue breeding and attacking your clothes and carpets in quiet areas of your home viz: under furniture, in unseen corners, under your bed and in cupboards.

To prevent the moth from building a very large population ready to attack your home in vast numbers as next year’s early, warmer days of spring begin to appear – use our Moth Shield 300ml trigger mist spray, at least once a month.  Wherever possible, concentrate the vapour by closing cupboard doors, room doors or just placing your textiles in polythene bags that have been previously filled with Moth Shield vapour (spray into the bag with our Moth Shield 300ml trigger mist spray then place your moth affected textiles into that bag, one further spray then close the bag.)

Various special offers are available throughout the colder months.  Currently (October 2017) there is a 4 for the price of 2 offer on both our Moth Shield 300ml trigger mist spray:

and our special non-powered vaporisers:

NB: Top ups are available for all Moth Shield products.

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