Moth Shield 30ml mini-vapouriser – 10 units


Trying to store away your clothes in small, sealed containers without the risk of moth attack?

Then why not use our mini-vapourisers – just one per container?

The problem of moth presence in closed storage areas, such as packages, boxes, wardrobes is now solved by the defensive mechanism of our brand new mini-vaporiser. Fits perfectly even in the pockets of your clothes; place it where normal vaporisers don’t reach – and forget about the moth threat.

Moth Shield organic oil mix liquid consumption -> 1ml/4 days (approximately)

Mini-vaporisers cost £132.75 for 25 units, £60 for 10 units or £42 for 6 units. Price includes VAT and delivery to your front door.

To keep you clean we supply a pair of disposable gloves free of charge.

Your order will be delivered within 48 hours.



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